Welcome to Utopian Gardens. We are an outdoor design and construction company based on the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Established in 2004, we are always looking to exceed our clients’ expectations. We emphasize fresh, innovative landscape design and unique but sustainable planting to enhance your living and working spaces.We provide a specific need within the outdoor building industry All WORKS under one Contract.

We see on a daily basis the hassles associated with having multiple contracts. Starting with Landscape Architects/Designers, Engineers, Private Certifiers, Sub Contractors etc. that you all need to negotiate with for any building process.

OUR SOLUTION!. ONE CONTRACT | ONE BUILD. One contract that covers everything from the design, Pool Construction, Landscaping AND sub contractors. No more multiple contracts. No more hassles.

Our range of services cover:

  • Concept Design, D.A & CC drawings
  • Engineering and Private Certification
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Landscape Construction
  • All Sub contractors - electrical, plumbing etc.
  • All work is Fully Licensed and Fully Insurance

We hold the following License's:

  • Landscape Contractors License 
  • Swimming Pool Builders License
  • Pest Controllers License (Timber and General Pests)

Contact Utopian Gardens Pty Ltd and see how we can help you build the landscape of your dreams!